Meet Our Staff

Our Family


Joanna is one of our morning Assistant Manager’s that has been with us for over 9 years! She started as a baker but quickly found her forte at the grill. The blending of meats, eggs, spices and veggies become a mouth watering breakfast burrito under the magic of spatulas! But her magic spills over to the team building and customer relationships bringing those back to our tables over and over!


Corina is another one of our morning Assistant Manager’s that has been with us for nearly 6 years. Her quiet, determined focusing brings attention to detail in decorating donuts, in grill assistance, customer service and countless other tasks! When we want the job done with ease and precisness Corina’s the one to call!


Pete is our Night Assitant Manager and has been with our business for nearly 8 years. He came on board with a passion for baking, mixing ingridients to perfection and reading the dough; so the result is the softest, fluffiest donut you will ever eat! In short: His expertise keeps our business “rolling”!

Miss Nat

Miss Nat is our general manager who learned the ropes at a very young age when she found her family immersed in a baking business! She learned quickly and began to steer the business with vision and determined clarity. She moves like lightening between baking, overseeing, training, customer service and organization of product; Miss Nat just “Rolls with it all”!