About Us

Our History

In 2007 Carl & Carrie Johnson began the commercial baking business with team members Tayllor & Keela, Maradelle, and Natalie. Baking for customers was a new and exciting venture, though kneading a mound of dough was nothing new. That was an ordinary event that happened every few days in Carrie’s kitchen. Growing up in a Mennonite Community, Carl & Carrie understood the concept of making their own breads, cinnamon rolls, pies and countless other pastries. Sunday dinners usually always included some sort of baked bread with many other homemade dishes. Food and fellowship went hand in hand.

Yet even with this kind of experience starting a bakery took a lot of courage and believing that this was the “right thing to do”. When their family relocated to Yuma, Arizona from Fairview, Oklahoma they had no intention of starting a bakery. They were all involved with their own careers when economics took a twist and left them thinking of new options. Because of their faith in God they spent time in prayer asking for direction. That prayer led them in an uncanny way to the door of Donut Corral which they purchased a few months later. Countless hours of training, planning, dreaming and tears went into the business to bring them to the place they are today.

With confidence the Donut Corral Team now offers their Trade Mark Secret Recipes and services to you. Their pastries are loved by countless people along with their friendly, courteous service. If you are looking for an opportunity to get into the baking industry and learn how to make excellent pastries this is it. Please call (928) 305-1000 and one of their team experts will be glad to visit with you about this great opportunity!