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Join us for our 10 year Anniversary Donuts for all occasions Donuts for all occasions Are Donuts are sure to Please ALL
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The Donut Corral offers a large selection of donuts and all kinds of pastries to choose from.
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Our photo gallery of donuts
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Carl & Carrie's history behind the Donut Corral.
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The Donut Corral, 11411 S. Fortuna Rd. #207 Yuma, Arizona
Hours: Monday - Saturday 4:30 am to 1:00 pm - Closed Sundays - (open year round)


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Welcome to the Donut Corral:
Carl & Carrie Johnson created a better donut for you and your family to enjoy..

Tuesday: Purchase a small burrito, medium. drink and get a free slice of our Delicious Pie!
Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday Donut Day!! Get a FREE Wacky Donut with a purchase of a large burrito (your choice) and a large drink!

The Donut Corral offers Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

Starting a food business that requires absolutes in temperatures for flour, water, yeast and proofing to yield the perfect donut was a challenge for the Johnson Family that put them on a "quest to be the best!"

After learning from an experienced baker, they soon found their own personal "home" baking held secrets that possibly could help them find that mystery ingredient for creating the "perfect" donut. Hour after hour they experimented and sampled until one day they said "this is it."

They took the recipe to a Trade Mark Lawyer and said "we are ready to patent this as our very own recipe under the name Donut CorralĀ®."

A year later they received their Trade Mark Seal and eight years later they are going stronger then ever.

The Donut Corral is much more than donuts:

Mouth watering donuts and pastries to please everyone's taste buds!!!

Visit the Donut Corral and enjoy these assorted donuts

Carl and Carrie love to share stories of their amazing customers ordering in outrageous ways; such as the couple who called from Florida and asked them to overnight a dozen because they could not find donuts like Donut Corral Donuts in Florida! Or, first time customers asking "are these made from scratch right here?" The answer is "yes, of course!"

Night after night we work the dough. Reading it, stretching it and understanding it, to create dozens and dozens of donuts to please your palette!

Whatever your reason to indulge your senses, we have "your donut." There are over 50 options in donuts to choose from plus many other pastries. In eight years we have made millions of donuts but more than that, we have made lasting friendships with customers that is worth far more than "millions!" Along with all the pastries, are the famous breakfast burritos served with our homemade salsa. Again, the taste of home is served with a pleasing blend of smiles and warmth.

If running a Donut Shop sounds like the "Good life". Remember the hours are long and exhausting, the routine never ending, and sleep a luxury! But at 4:30 A.M. you will find our door open, the coffee hot and ready and your donut waiting! Now that is "sweet!"